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"A family in harmony will prosper in everything"
Chinese Proverb


The objective of the Financial Assistance & Food on the Table Program is to provide support to Singaporean families in need for financial or other type of assistance.

We assess the needs of a family and provide them with the necessary financial, food ration, informational, and socio-emotional support required.

This will include:

  • Processing and approving all cases of financial assistance to deserving individuals and families.
  • Directing the SIWEC staff to further investigate requests for financial assistance.
  • Study of family needs for follow up action by other committees under the Sikh Welfare Council.
  • Liaising with Family Service Centre / Social Service Office (SSO), Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS), Ministry of Education, or other Government organizations for client’s family needs.
  • Publicising in the community various available government programmes for family support and financial assistance.
  • Publicising in the community various available national programmes pertaining to the development and cohesion of the family as the basic social unit.
  • Promoting good family values to the clients.

Do You Need Assistance?

We provide assistance based on the specific needs of the family. This may take the form of financial assistance, advise and even food for the poor (in the form of NTUC vouchers). Call our hotline and talk to our welfare officers: 6299 9234.

Medical Equipment Request Form
Financial Assistance Document Checklist

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Would You Like to Contribute?

Help us to help the community at large. Donate with confidence.

SIWEC is a registered charity in Singapore. We offer assistance without any descrimination, regardless of race or religion.


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“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
― Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank

Get In Touch

Our Address:

  • 2 Towner Rd, #06-02
  • Singapore 327804.

Opening Hours:

    • Monday - Friday
    • 9am - 6pm


      • Tel: +65 6299 9234
      • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Get In-Touch:
2 Towner Rd, #06-02, Singapore 327804.
Open Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm.
Tel: +65 6299 9234
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registered Charity