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As SIWEC continues to work towards improving in meeting the community needs, a number of the existing programs are been reviewed by SIWEC committee on how the services can be further enhanced in terms of being more efficient and effective.

One of the services that has been reviewed is the "Food on the Table" scheme. The current Food for the Table scheme has been running for many years where arrangements are made to deliver dry food ration every 2 months to recipients. From the feedback from the recipients of the scheme and also the ground checks made by SIWEC committee member it appears that whilst the recipients' basic dietary needs are taken care of, but however each of the recipients has different needs.

After extensive evaluation and deliberation, the SIWEC committee has decided to provide the recipients of the "Food for the Table" with NTUC FairPrice Food Vouchers instead of dry food ration. These NTUC FairPrice Food Vouchers are restricted to purchases of control items so as to ensure that purchases are made only for “appropriate and allowed” items. For the recipients, it would mean that they have a wider choice of items to select from and to purchase the quantity required and when needed.

The vouchers will be issued to the recipients on monthly basis where recipients can collect from the SIWEC office. For recipients with special needs, arrangements have been made to ensure that dry food ration will be continued to be delivered to them as before by the volunteers and welfare officers.

Other than this being more efficient and it is hoped that this will also increase the interaction between the recipients and SIWEC and hence allow SIWEC continue to better understanding the needs of the recipients SIWEC Committee will continue to monitor this very closely and refine the scheme further if required ensuring that the main objective of the "Food on the Table” is achieved.

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