I would like to put on record my deepest appreciation to Jasbir Singh for being with my family during my mother’s demise on 26 March 2006. He arrived at SGH within half an hour of being called, helped my family and I on the rituals and what we need to do at the time of need. He kept reminding us that she is in a better place and we should try to console ourselves and cherish the moments we had with her.

No doubt I am familiar with what needs to be done, I was lost at that point of time and I broke down so much that he consoled me privately and kept talking to me about being positive. Even when we had the cremation ceremony three days later as we waited for my brothers and sisters to arrive from overseas, he was there again to assist and told us what to do and buy. He even accompanied me to the places to buy all the necessary stuff for the cremation.

One moment that our family felt truly touched and appreciative was when he asked us to do Sukhmani Sahib when we had about 3 hours before departing for the crematorium. Everyone in the house appreciated his initiative and the Sukhmani Sahib put all of us at ease. An example of the power of Gurbani. My family and I are truly grateful that the initiative of the Sikh Welfare Council in setting up such a structure of sending Jasbir in times of need. He deals with the “job” extremely professionally and puts everyone at ease and brings all of us to GOD and makes us understand the basic fundamentals of the Sikh culture and Gurbani.

I also understand that he is on standby 24 hours a day. My family and I salute him for his dedication. If only there were more Jasbirs.


Contributed by Satwant Singh (Lawyer)
Vice President - Young Sikh Association, Singapore.



"The organization has assisted my family for the past 8 years in various ways from financial assistance, monthly groceries to moral and emotional support, from tuition during my A Levels, and finally to pay fees for a semester or two during university. The Council was ready to help us whenever the need arose, to the best of its ability."

Sikh Graduate Assisted By SIWEC

"I was arrested for drug taking and had to be in DRC for the next two years. There at the DRC, SIWEC counsellors gave religious and emotional guidance and support. Although I had attended the sessions before, this time they were more meaningful to me as I had made up my mind to change for the better. The regular counselling sessions helped to build self confidence in me. I recall how one volunteer would give us a big hug and would listen to us attentively. This boosted our morale."

Drug Abuser

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